Only Islam Is The Road To Salvation

Mohammed Hosain-12-12-14Md. Hossain : The omnipotent Allah as well as creator of this universe had sent prophet Hazarat Muhammad (sm.) to the deserted soil of Arabia with a view to showing the trace of light and road to salvation in such a time when the world community particularly the Arabians had been in a state of distraction being hurled to a distant place far reaching from the designated path of almighty Allah down to some decades of Hazrat Issa (As.). This is the reason that Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is the only source of light of the last decades. There is no way of escape if the human community is deviated from his designated way. Allah Himself called him the bright light accordingly. AlmightyAllah had said “oh” Muhammad ! I have bright light to remove dark of ungratefulness with the message of good and bad things done by the mankind being a witness of oneness doctrine of almighty Allah. Hence only the prophet Muhammad (Sm.) is the pioneering light and no human being will be able to get emancipating at any means if he derails from the track of prophet Muhammad (Sm.). Since prophet Muhammad (Sm.) has been to this world as a delegate of peave, his universal call for peace and salvation shall reach to all ends extensively. He is sent not only to teach a particullar group rather is aiming at the salvation of mankind. Rasul karim (Sm.) did never utter that I have been to this world in order to protect Boni Israels to get rid of torture as well as salvery of feraun, rather he made that he is here for keeping the mankind being refraind from worship all other Gods and Goddesses except the almighty Allah across the undivided world. Similarly, he did not come to this world with a view to recovering the abandoned ideals and glory of the Israeli dynasty, Rather he has been sent to recover the lost glory and ideals of all dynasties including a call for oneness of almighty Allah. The beating drum inviting the message of Allah in any other case, the world shall not sustain any loss except the loss for some specific countries as well as nations. As because they had been sent for delegation of a certain groups and dynasties. When the world pepole happens to forget the grand and unprecedented gift of Allah as well as the means of salvation. To what extend it may be prophet Muhammad (Sm.) the grand unprecedented gift of Allah is sent for the well being of the mankind as a whole and not to delegatefor a specific group as a symbol of peace. The path of peace of islam that this great man had shown to us is the one and only road to eternal peace and salvation. Necessarily only islam is the road to salvation.

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